The Eco Mulcher®


The Eco Mulchers® feature a large diameter rotor with a close ratio hammer configuration, resulting in long hammer life, increased grinding capacity and the production of fine  Category I / Class I mulch.  (see chart)  A fine mulch gives good ground cover and returns to nature quickly.

For long machine life the Eco Mulcher® features oversize, externally mounted roller bearings on the main shaft, a welded body of Domex® S 700 high strength steel, and skid pads made from 3/4″ (20 mm) Hardox®  450 wear resistant steel giving the mulcher a long and productive life in the toughest of conditions. a hydraulically controlled gate ensures safe operation: gate is open for cutting and closed for mulching.

Take Down Standing Trees with ease

THK150 shown with optional mounting bracket

Easy access to difficult areas and slopes.

Environmentally friendly, cost efective solution to land clearing.

Fell and mulch standing trees in one operation.

Railway and hydro corridor land clearing applications